The California Uniform Principal and Income Act

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From Section To Section Description
16320 16328 Name of the Act; Definitions
16335   Allocating Receipts and Disbursements
16336   Trustee's Power to Adjust
16336.4   Conversion to Unitrust
16336.5   Conditions for Conversion to Unitrust
16336.6   Reconversion From Unitrust
16336.7   No Duty to Convert or Reconvert
16337 16339 Miscellaneous Provisions Regarding Adjustments
16340 16341 General Rules Regarding Income and Principal Distributions
16345 16347 Apportioning at Beginning or End of Income Interest
16350   Receipts from Entities: Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, etc.
16351   Receipts from Fiduciaries
16352   Accounting for Operation of Business, Rentals, Farm, etc.
16355   Items Usually Allocated to Principal
16356   Receipts from Rental Property
16357   Receipts of Interest
16358   Receipts of Insurance Proceeds
16360   Treatment of Insubstantial Amounts
16361   Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, IRAs, etc.
16362   Liquidating Assets: Patents, Copyrights, Royalties, etc.
16363   Mineral Interests, Water, Other Natural Resources
16364   Timber Harvest
16365   Additional Requirements: Marital Deduction Trusts
16366 16367 Receipts from Derivatives and Asset Backed Securities
16370   Disbursements from Income
16371   Disbursements from Principal
16372   Reserve for Wear and Tear etc. of Depreciable Assets
16373   Major Repairs, Capital Improvements, etc.
16374 16375 Payment of Taxes Related to Income or Principal
Other Code Sections Frequently Referred To
1060 1064 Format of Accounts to the Court
10800 10805 Compensation of Personal Representative
10810 10814 Compensation of Attorney

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