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Estate Planning and Estate and Trust Taxes

In recent years, I have been devoting more time to estate and trust work, including estate taxes, fiduciary income taxes, and fiduciary accounting.

I am doing many more fiduciary income tax returns than ever before, and more Estate tax returns, Form 706, than in the past.

I find that I can be helpful to other accountants with preparation of these returns, or with Probate Accounting preparation.

Related to this work is my latest project, which is an easily accessible version of the California Uniform Principal and Income Act with a descriptive Table of Contents, and with links to the National UPIA, which in turn is annotated with comments and examples. Click here to take a look.

Handy Item Lookup
Another useful item is this list of items that are sometimes hard to remember, such as the changing Estate Tax credit amount, and its equivalent exemption amount. I've also included the schedule of the standard attorney fee and executor fee for a probate estate.

Internet 101

Take a moment to look at this

Big List of Web Links
which I have been keeping up for 10 years now.

I first developed these resource pages when I was teaching the Internet 101 class for the CPA Education Foundation, with Jerry Savin and David Primes. I have used these pages as a teaching aid when speaking to local CPA discussion groups. I have presented one- and two-hour talks on how CPAs use the internet to find tax, accounting, and general business information. The Internet has become an everyday tool for us.

There are over 300 links now, categorized to make it easier to find things.

Interesting Link:

Everyone knows you can download PDF tax forms. There is a speedy way to get federal income tax forms if you know the form number, and you want the current year form. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/

Informal CPA Gatherings
CPAs do manage to get together informally. And one tradition has been the Pacos Tacos Task Force, a nickname for a social gathering of CPAs. I have put together some photos of the annual "meetings" which have been held at Pacos Tacos in Westchester.


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